How are you doing?! Today I have written a simple and short poem on clock [and time]. As it shows us time. As our life is all dependent on it. Just think if there were no watches and no clocks, no time, then instead of waking up at morning we would be awake at evening.[Just Kidding] You can take a quick look at my poem.

Clock goes tick-by-tick

It’s all time’s trick

It shows how to work fast and quick

As time goes tick-by-tick.

As it rotates round

Counts the number with a sound

Make some count

And climb the mount.

Time flows with ocean wave

Become more brave.

Past has gone

With a new happy beginning rises dawn…




Navratri is a Hindu festival for worshipping of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. It is one of the important festival which we Indians celebrate by wearing new clothes, [Navratri Lehenga Cholis /Chaniya Choli and colorful Anarkali Suits bohemian skirts and cholis/ Kurta pyjama, sherwani] ,playing dandiya, and visiting pandals.

The word Navratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit, nav means nine and ratri means nights. Throughout the nine-day festival, people worship Goddess Durga and her nine forms to seek her blessings for protection from evil. The festival marks the victory of good over evil.

According to Hindu legends, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva combined their power to create Goddess Durga to defeat the demon king Mahishasura after he attacked Trilok-Earth, Heaven, Hell. No one could defeat this evil as Lord Brahma granted him the wish that stated he could only be defeated by a woman. Soon after a 15 day long battle, Goddess Durga killed him with her trishul. Now I’ll introduce to you the nine forms of Goddess Durga which are worshipped during the Navratri. Each form of Goddess Durga is accociated with specific color and has a special meaning.

Goddess Durga

The first day is for Mata Shailputri, the second for Goddess Brahmacharini, then Goddess Chandraghanta, Goddess Kushmanda, following with Skanda Mata,Goddess Katyayani, Mata Kaalratri, Goddess Mahagauri and Goddess Siddhidatri on the ninth day. {Mata means Goddess in Hindi.]

The first day is for Goddess Shailputri which means daughter of mountains, the first form of Durga. With Trishul in her right hand a lotus in her left hand, she governs the moon who is the owner of fortune. This is the reason why worshipping this Goddess brings good luck and fortune. Also known as hemavati. She took birth as the daughter of the Himalaya, this is why she came to known as Shailputri. On this day we wear Yellow color clothes, as it stands for brightness and happiness.

The second day is for Goddess Brahmacharini. She is believed to be the unmarried form of Mata Parvati when she did severe ‘tapa’ or penance for thousands of years to get Lord Shiva as her husband. The name Brahmacharini is given because of her tough penance and hard austerity. She personifies love and loyalty. She is also called ‘Uma’, ‘Aparna’ and ‘Tapacharini.’ Hence the lucky color of the day will be Green.

The third day is for Goddess Chandraghanta. The day is associated with the Grey color as it symbolizes zeal and determination to destroy evil. Her name Chandra-Ghanta, means “one who has a half-moon shaped like a bell.” Her third eye is always opened and she is always ready for war against demons. It is also believed to be Shakti of Lord Shiva. She is also known as Chandrakhanda, Chandika or Rannchandi.

Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri and She is believed to improve health, wealth and strength. Goddess Kushmanda has eight hands and because of that She is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. Her Weapons are: Lotus, Chakra, Kamandalu, Dhanusha. So the color for this day is Orange.

On the fifth day of Navratri, we worship Goddess Skandamata form of Goddess Durga. Skandamata is the Mother of Lord Karthikeya or Skanda. Skandamata is seen on a lion carrying her child Karthikeya or Skanda. Devotees must wear White colored attire as it represents purity, peace and meditation.

On the Sixth day of Navratri, Goddess Katyayani is worshipped. As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati took the form of Goddess Katyayini to kill the demon Mahishasura. Katyayini appears as a warrior Goddess. She took birth as the daughter of Sage Katyayan and that is why she is known as Katyayani. Red colour on the sixth day of Navratri, the sixth form of the mother is the law of worshipping Katyayani. Mother loves red color.

Next, the seventh day is for Goddess Kalratri. This form of the goddess is said to remove darkness and negativity from the lives of people. People think that Kali and Kalratri are the same, they are not. Goddess Kalratri is considered as the fiercest form of Durga. She is considered the fiercest form of the Mother Goddess, her appearance itself invoking fear. She is also known as Goddess Shubhankari because of her auspicious power to ward away demons. She is seen riding on a donkey with her two lefts hands carrying a sword, and an iron hook, and her other two rights hands are in Abhaya and Varada Mudra; blessing her devotees. Royal Blue color is used on this day, blue color symbolizes immense power and divine energy.

On the Eighth day of Goddess Mahagauri is worshipped. Mahagauri represents wisdom, purity and austerity. Devotees believe that praying to Mahagauri helps them overcome all obstacles. The weapons of Goddess Durga are worshipped as the symbol of female strength and women empowerment. Goddess Mahagauri is compared to the moon and white flower of Kunda due to her fair complexion. She is also called Swethambardhara as she is always clad in white clothes.

The final day is for Goddess Siddhidatri. She depicts compassion and purity and Pink color is considered auspicious on this day as it depicts hope, self-refinement.

So these were the nine forms of Goddess. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Kindly share your feedback on this blog. Enjoy doing Garba at your homes. HAPPY NAVRATRI.




I'm trembling inside
I want to be alone
Don't make me feel bad
Now I'm grown

What makes me unhappy?
What makes me downhearted?
Is it FOMO?
Is it the age?

I'm being rude
I'm being bad
I'm sorry for my mistakes
Now I regret and it feels sad

Can't blame the age of life
This is the stage of life 

HEY EVERYONE! Hope you like this poem, Share your feedback and Stay tuned. Until then.




HEY EVERYONE! Hope you’re fine.

So, today I have come up with my new blog and I thought of writing a poem. I’ve written a poem on people’s mind. Here I go.

A place like home where no other can come,
A place like home where I feel safe, 
A place like home to get a break, 
A place like home where there is a living stage, 

A place like home to get some space, 
A place like home where thousands of people comes but no one communicates, 
A place like home to find some peace of heart, 
A place like home where I'll be alone, 

A place like home where I'm the queen, 
A place like home where the books talk to me, 
A place like home where I get day dreams, 
A place like home where I'm creative, 

A place like home where I sometimes get stress, 
A place like home where no one is there to mess,
A place like home where the heart gets rest in peace,
A place like home is not any other place but my mind indeed.

Hope you like it. I’d really like it if you could encourage me by your likes comments and follows. Please share your feedback. I hope you like to read my blogs. Stay tuned until my next post.

Thank You!



Hello Everyone.

Yoo! I’m back with my new blog. I was bored while waiting for the school to reopen since this lockdown but doesn’t seem it will open soon. Due to this Coronavirus everything is now online including my class and so I was busy. My online exams are also very near. I’m extremely bored sitting at home and I feel like my mind has also cracked.

It’s even very hard to tolerate this online class , online studies and my head really sucks of writing notes. We’re totally dependent on technology. So now I’ll tell you what problems everyone must be facing while their classes. While my online classes are going on, suddenly net goes down and sometimes even my phone hangs. I feel like everyone wants to call while my class only. The main problem happens when teacher calls my name and I’m not able to put on my mic because of net issue or some other issues. Are you even facing these problems while your classes or work?

No one ever guessed that there will be such a time when everyone will have to stay home and everything will be online. In this situation I would like to say something, don’t get me wrong but it‘s just a phrase.

Oh! See what days have come, when no one is having fun,

Just sitting at home and eating and getting fat like a bun.

There’re even many advantages of online work ,class ,education. Technology has brought education and work right to our home and also because of this lockdown and coronavirus 25% of our portion has been also reduced. There are many things which are online and in today’s life social media is most wanted like Facebook , Youtube , Instagram , Whatsapp, Twitter etc. It’s very useful and a source of time-pass.

So now talking about social media I remembered those people on road who clicks picture and uses phone, are you the one who uses phone or clicks pictures on road while walking? But actually my question was how are you’ll able to use your phone ,because when I tried I was going to get hit by a pole. Do comment down your opinion on the above topic.

Until my next post stay tuned. Also I request everyone STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND FOLLOW THE RULES GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT.





Since, this is my first blog I just wanna introduce myself and begin the journey of blogging with a fresh start. So, here I go.

This is Ranjhan from India. I’m a student and I wanted to open a blog for sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. I am thankful to my sister who gave me such inspiration. She is also a blogger on this site.


I hope I’ll find amazing bloggers on this platform. I also wish myself luck. If you wish then greet me on my fresh start and I hope my blogs will be a good one to follow.

Would also like to thank wordpress for giving this opportunity to develop myself.


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